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IATSE 23 Rhode Island
IATSE 23 Rhode Island3 days ago
Recently, page views for our website and this page have gotten higher than ever. So I would like to take this time in your life to say hello! We are the group of individuals behind the scenes of a majority of major entertainment in the state of Rhode Island . We do our jobs so well you don’t know we’re there!

Covid-19 has wreaked havoc across the world, the entertainment and live event business was the first industry to go down and we will be the last to get back to normal. Over the last 13 months I’ve personally grown to try and leave the “normal” in the past and view it as coming back to better.

Shows have been announced, entertainment is slowly happening and restrictions are being eased as time goes by. As a whole we stand behind the science of controlling the spread of Covid-19. We urge you to get vaccinated, if that’s not to your liking, please do your due diligence and wear a face covering. Also, take advantage of the many free public testing sites, these days, they’re practically everywhere. We cannot wait to facilitate your entertainment this fall. Stay safe!!
IATSE 23 Rhode Island
IATSE 23 Rhode Island5 days ago
Today April 13th 2021 at 10:30 am, the Providence Performing Arts Center announces their 21-22 season. Slated to begin in late fall, it’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon for “normal”cy
IATSE 23 Rhode Island
IATSE 23 Rhode Island7 days ago
An informative episode of WPRI 12 newsmakers for our industry locally, featuring the President and CEO of the Providence Performing Arts Center Lynn Singleton.

IATSE 23 Rhode Island
Newsmakers 4/9/2021: PPAC’s Lynn Singleton; week in review
Providence Performing Arts Center President and CEO J.L. “Lynn” Singleton talks about how the pandemic has affected PPAC, when he expects the curtain to rise...
IATSE 23 Rhode Island
IATSE 23 Rhode Island2 weeks ago
Happy Easter everyone, here’s to great weather and hoping for a safe return to work!

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