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IATSE 23 Rhode Island
IATSE 23 Rhode Island23 hours ago
Got production? High output can handle it 👍🏻
IATSE 23 Rhode Island
IATSE 23 Rhode Island1 day ago
This happened last night….
We would LOVE it to keep happening…….
Get vaccinated, we miss you….
IATSE 23 Rhode Island
IATSE 23 Rhode Island2 days ago
NEVER been happier to see a truck loaded with heavy stuff.

Warming up for the big show….
IATSE 23 Rhode Island
IATSE 23 Rhode Island4 days ago
Hey folks, I’m speaking here from my personal view, this is Anthony the Moderator.

I’m sharing this advertisement in support of my brothers and sisters in Mansfield Massachusetts. Xfinity Center is a union building with a contract through I.A.T.S.E. Local 11 and Live music is certainly back in mass, buy tickets, go out, have dinner and enjoy yourselves, it’s been FOREVER and you deserve it but I have one favor to ask all of you. DONT FORGET the people behind that band you’re watching that depend on this for their lives. They can’t wait to be back to doing what THEY love and congruently it’s showing you something YOU love.

And above all, I can speak to this on behalf of MY entire union, we stand behind the science of vaccinations. Get your vaccine, help the cause of being able to return to a view of normal BETTER life. We can’t wait to see you on that weird side of the curtain. Stay safe folks
IATSE 23 Rhode Island
IATSE 23 Rhode Island6 days ago
No brainer, we drive a bigger economic impact than the airline industry.
IATSE 23 Rhode Island
IATSE 23 Rhode Island2 weeks ago
We’ve all come to this point with working in downtown providence at some point. I post this because it’s a familiar conversation that some of us have had backstage about “What’s good around here”, also, the stare like you have two heads when you mention coffee milk.

A fun read….

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10th Annual Metal for M.S.

The annual Metal for M.S. Show, put on by our friend Adam “pickles” Piselli is a GO!!!. It’s September 10th 2021, it all goes down at 70 James street Worcester MA. Doors are at 6, LIM-IT-ED tickets will be sold at the gate, LIM-IT-ED, get there EARLY, they’ll be gone before you know it . Its also a 21+ event so bring an I.D.

Loaded with Local Bands, opening with Texas Death Match and caps an epic show off with D.R.I. (the dirty rotten imbeciles) with a raffle to happen at free random some point during the night. Get there, Have fun before we get back to work.

Drop me a line, contact our friend Pickles or visit our PUBLIC facebook page for more info on the event.

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