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IATSE 23 Rhode Island
IATSE 23 Rhode Island8 hours ago
Jump in and tune out the noise, it’s the phantom himself. Playing a long to the original silent film phantom of the opera. www.ppacri.com http://krasinski.org #ExtendPUA #CultureIsTheCure #NONCOVID
IATSE 23 Rhode Island
IATSE 23 Rhode Island12 hours ago
Ought to be a fun watch, Peter on his own is a fun person. Www.ppacri.org
IATSE 23 Rhode Island
Broadway shutdown devastating for nearly 100K actors and crew
CNN's Vanessa Yurkevich speaks to Broadway employees who are out of work as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, leaving a devastating impact on theater pro...
IATSE 23 Rhode Island
IATSE 23 Rhode Island4 days ago
Rings true not just for performers. Performers are the show, we make their show.
IATSE 23 Rhode Island
IATSE 23 Rhode Island6 days ago
Corporate pockets get bigger while the worker grunts sit in fear over congressional bickering about a Covid 19 relief package. Don’t forget about the most important PPE coming out of this. Your union. Stay strong #ExtendPUA

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