How He taught me

Hey ladies, gentlemen, and Union Brothers and sisters alike. This message pains me deeply to relay. But just as Tony taught me, I’m going to keep it short and to the point. Our brother Anthony Gomes has been moved into a Hospice Facility in North Providence. Keep your brother in your prayers. The address, I’ve been asked not to publish, in order to keep visiting time open for and out of respect for family. However, Tony, “ToGo” as I know him is always up for a text or call. As trite as the saying is, keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Reflect on what ToGo has done for you or influenced you to become. He’s left a mark on us all.

Thank You Togo, from the bottom of my heart, for being a mentor to me in common sense and how far it will take you in such a multi-faceted industry. You along with a bunch of others were a great influence.

Been a long time coming

Hey folks its Ant again with an update, its been a long time coming but the entertainment business is finally bouncing back in little Rhody. Shows are booked, concerts are happening, and the mandates are slowly rolling back. The summer, like always for us, slows down, it happens, but that’s when the outdoor gigs come flying in. Stay tuned to our venue’s websites schedules while I also try my best to keep our calendar updated and updates on membership happenings current. Thanks for bearing with me….