Pay Dues Online


We have implemented a method of paying your Local 23 dues online. Use this link to send an email to Dave Allen, the secretary-treasurer, at

He will send you an invoice, for the amount that you have requested.  There will be a link in that invoice to the PayPal payment service.  You will be sent to the secure PayPal portal, where you can use any major credit or debit card to pay.  This will work on a desktop or mobile device.  Keep in mind that a small processing fee will be tacked on to your payment.

You will receive a receipt for your purchase, and  Dave will arrange to get your stamps to you.

You can still mail a check to Dave of course, and the price would be the normal $75 per quarter, the mailing address:

IATSE Local 23
PO Box 23044
Providence RI  02903

If you have any issues with this, please send Dave Allen another email and explain your issue.  Thanks.