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  1. Hello! I work for iatse local 11 stagehand and its been kinda slow lately. Was looking into a alternative to stay busy. How would i go about applying for employment with iatse local 23?

  2. Rashawn Clark Local11 steelman emergency vda experience forklift and box truck driver. Please respond with next steps. Please and thank you

  3. To whom this may concern

    I am currently looking for work in production and also want to work toward being a member of your union. I do understand that is a process. I am willing to work hard to be involved in your production. I am availble days and weekends day or night.

    Thank you for your consideration in advance.

    Sincerely; Lisa R. Vazquez “QUEENIE”

  4. I am aval. For work do my audio. Lighting. Backline load and unload trucks. My number is 860-338-6982. with local 11 on d list. In Boston and local 84. Ct.

  5. Joe Donahue, Working as Stagehand in & out, 4-11-17 Tues Boston C List, would like to work Fri. 4-14-17 in & out Dunk WWE, I might text R.G. or maybe see T.G. @ Boston, Thanks 508-596-8070

  6. John Fitzgerald. 4 years local 11 Boston. D list. Stagehand at Fenway / galette / xfinity/ Bcec / and more available anytime days/nights/ weekends

  7. To whom it may concern:

    I sent a copy of my resume and skills last week. I got a response stating thanks for my schedule. I am wondering how to start the process of becoming a union member. My schedule is very flexible on nights, weekends, and sometimes during business hours. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  8. To whom it may concern:

    I’ am available for work. My contact number is (401) 500-1326

    Thank you



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