New Hires

If you are a new hire, and coming to work for us for the first time, or working in a venue for the first time,   please be aware of the following:

You will have to fill out paperwork, different and new for each venue,  so come about 30 minutes early and seek out the venue steward.  They will give you the required forms.

You will need to bring with you two (2) identification documents,  generally these can be:

– a valid photo driver’s license, (valid=not expired)
– a valid, state issued photo ID
– a valid passport
– a valid military photo ID
– an original (not a copy) social security card
– a valid state-issued birth certificate, not a copy
– a valid green card (alien work permit)
– if you are not a US citizen, contact us for more info

The best combination is the driver’s license  or state ID and a social security card. You need to have something with your social security number on it. Perhaps a document generated by the IRS with your SS# on it. Something that officially verifies your SS#, not anything handwritten or made by you.

A birth certificate should be used as a supporting document only, it shouldn’t  be the only other thing you have.  Credit cards don’t count.

We have been told by several of the venues that you will not be allowed to work unless you have fulfilled the ID requirements, due to federal laws and such.  If you are going to have an issue with this, let us know, perhaps we can suggest a course of action.

Some of the venues (currently as of Wednesday December 26, 2012, the Dunkin Donuts Center, Twin River Casino), have rules about people with felony records. If this will be an issue, please tell us.

When you come to a job,  please bring with you, as a minimum:

work gloves (they’re your hands, you’ll be glad you did)
a multi-tool, like a leatherman or similar
a small flashlight
an adjustable c-wrench
a good atitude (we’ll be glad you did).

Thank you.  If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below

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3 thoughts on “New Hires

  1. John Fitzgerald. 4 years local 11 Boston. D list. Stagehand at Fenway / galette / xfinity/ Bcec / and more available anytime days/nights/ weekends

  2. To whom it may concern:

    I sent a copy of my resume and skills last week. I got a response stating thanks for my schedule. I am wondering how to start the process of becoming a union member. My schedule is very flexible on nights, weekends, and sometimes during business hours. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  3. To whom it may concern:

    I’ am available for work. My contact number is (401) 500-1326

    Thank you



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