New Normal….. Who DIS?

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Local 23 is going places!! We are in the midst of putting together a list for over hires that is a lot less outdated. While browsing through the back end of the site I’ve come across 1200 entries on the work for us list, while some may not see that as a problem, the entries START in 2012. Quite a LOT has happened since then….. Mainly, a pandemic. People move, change numbers. A whole lot of things. This has led to the need to populate an updated contact list. Resumes are welcome but not required, of course we are an equal opportunity employer. By our venues imposed mandates, VACCINATIONS TO COVID-19 AND PROOF OF VACCINATION WILL BE REQUIRED

Shoot an email to me at with your most recent contact info. Mass emails will be going out soon.

Stay Safe, Get your vaccine and we hope to see you in September.

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