Hope for the future

News change

Pandemic News has and will continue to change drastically until the powers that be decide that this terrible pandemic that has caused massive damage from coast to coast and country to country is over. A small nugget of hopeful news is that state regulations have allowed the extended PUA (pandemic unemployment assistance) program to expand to a total of 79 weeks. 79 weeks takes the program all the way to September of 2021. September is also the time that our industry is SLATED, I use the term as a loose representation of things to come, SLATED to return to full capacity. See this link for more information directly from the DLT https://dlt.ri.gov/covid19/updates/

As we all know and lived through the last 15 months, the news and the science can change overnight. Please, for the sake of everyone you know, we urge you to get your vaccine. Vaccine sites are plentiful and now is a better time than ever, there are monetary incentives everywhere. Why not take advantage of it and get some free coffee, some states are even having a million dollar lottery. And in this writers own personal opinion, what better of an incentive than to return to a normal life. Stay strong, its almost over……..