Brother In Need


Many of you know him and for the people that are NOT on social media, this is being posted here. Tony Gomes needs us now, we cant leave him hanging, any amount you can spare would be greatly appreciated by our buddy TOGO

Click TOGO to get right to the donation page… Get well soon buddy, we miss you

Free Skill Sharpening….

Who doesn’t want to become a better individual, The IATSE training and trust fund is a great resource to turn to when industry requirements start changing and new credentials are needed to compete. We want YOU to become the best you can be in the craft, a great building block to start with is an entertainment industry OSHA 10 hour safety card. One of the most basic of credentials that will open the door to most other trainings…… best part… its FREE…. Gain a skill, for free? I cant think of much better.

Tap, Click, Point, Shake…… whatever you do on whatever device you do it on, The pic Below will take you directly to signups and the schedule of classes. Think Better, Get better, Do Better, BE BETTER. United we stand

Benefit concert incoming

There’s a few of the BIGGEST shows of our friends life incoming, I’m referring to our dear friend and long time Local 23 member, Tony Gomes. By now you’re all well aware of the situation surrounding our friend so lets get this going. Spread the word and show up to spread some love. The world and the industry needs some TOGO……..